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please let us know if there is something specific you are looking for; we may have used/demo items not listed.

Harbeth Super HL5+, demo Rosewood and Cherry available

Naim NDS Network Player (demo)                                         Inquire

Naim Audio NAC 252, demo                                                   $8300 ($12000)

Rega TTPSU for P3/RP3, new                                                 $300 ($395)

Rega Apollo R CD player, demo                                              $695 ($1095)

Rega Brio R, demo                                                                $650 ($995)

Chord Co Sarum Tuned Aray 1M RCA interconnect, demo         $1250 ($2500)

Naim Audio HiLine DIN5-DIN5, demo                                      $650 ($1395)